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live -marriage-Streaming

Live Marriage Streaming

More than 474 wedding events live streamed by Clive accross Chennai, Pondicherry and India. Clive using advanced Technology encoder booster for live streaming the marriage, Video Conference, Seminar function, Press release etc.Clive is Top 10 best Live Webcasting Company in India for streaming live event by using well enhanced Technology like SDI-HDMI Converter helps to convert the video file into HD and stored on Video on Demand, from that our streaming server fetch the video to web-casting server to display the event to 1500 television as per package and Internet without buffer.


Get Church Worship Streaming

Religious Worship services

Get Church worship Services like prayers, Jabam relates of Jesus at live streaming in HD Quality. We giving best and offer price for live Churches prayers across in worldwide. Clive streaming not only for prayers, beside maintain TV channel like Madha TV, Jesus Calls, ACA Prayers. In Clive, Streaming is Professional service more than 9 Years, Valuable clients, using well enhanced Technology for Streaming, using Individual software for schedule the program as per time. Our Streaming Experts monitor the streaming the program if any video is buffer, Pixel down.


Live Streaming

CLive have enough of experience to handle various forms of webcasting that reaches successful businesses, Wedding streaming, educational institutions, entertainment industry and much kind of personal and professional events. Clive Streaming technologies are becoming increasingly important with the growth of the Internet because most users do not have faster access to download multimedia files quickly quickly through Mobile Streaming, Adaptive Streaming and CDN Streaming Service. . For Clive streaming work, the client side receiving the data must be able to collect the data


Flash Streaming

Flash Streaming is done with the help of Adobe Flash media Encoder and Flash media server. It mainly supports H.264 files which are .SWF (ShockWave Flash movie) and FLV ( Flash Video) Flash Streaming requires Flash Media Server using Adobe’s audio and video streaming platform. Flash streaming offers a highest quality in delivering the video and audio to produce the output. Flash Media Server is unique and stands out when it comes to video delivery. Flash streaming is done with the help of the latest version of Flash Media Server.



adaptive streaming

Adaptive Streaming

Clive Streaming Provides you better quality, according to your mode of internet connection is being used. Clive Streaming enables streaming media consumers to experience the highest-possible quality playback because it automatically detects the user’s network and playback conditions in real time in conditions that are subject to change.


mobile streaming services

Mobile Streaming

Mobile video streaming is a good example of this phenomenon, were Clive can send the full lengthy videos and movies with the good video quality in all formats through wireless signal to the target users. Even our Technicians and experts are updating the common uses of 3G and 4G networks of the current system to be better mobile video streaming to provide now and the upcoming days.


CDN Streaming

CDN Streaming

Content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a wide range of distributed system of servers, Cherri is to ready and its goal to serve content to the end-user with the high availability and high performance streaming, In today’s world Cherri CDNs provides large streams in the internet content, which could be includes:



Video On Demand

Cherri Video on demand (VOD) provides an option way to see a program, movie or a song from a particular list which is available in the set top box. Even one could send a request to play his/her desired program that to be viewed. With the help of advanced technologies we provide you to view the programs not only in television but also in your personal computer, laptops and in advanced mobile.